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Drop Testers

Drop Tester AD160:

The AD160 Drop Tester is capable of dropping a package up to 160 lbs. up to a height of 72 inches. This test simulates the accidental drops, slips and falls your package may encounter during manual or mechanical handling.


Using accelerometers and computer-aided testing software, we can measure the acceleration levels experienced by your packagae during drop or impact testing. This technology allows us to determine if product cushioning is sufficient.


Drop Tester AD500:

The AD500 Drop Tester is capable of dropping a package/palletized load up to 500 lbs. up to a height of 48 inches.


Disclaimer: Performance Testing Laboratories, LLC (PTL) is a third-party independent package testing laboratory. Customers are advised that the packaged-product undergoing performance testing may incur external and/or internal damage as a result of the test process. PTL is not liable for any damage to the product as a result of the said process.