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Environmental Testing

Simulating your package’s harshest destination environment is of design importance as it may reveal your package or product’s adverse response to its final surroundings.


Land, sea or air transportation and warehouse storage expose your package to extreme temperatures and humidities too. Consideration of these factors during the package/product development stage increase the survivability of your product.


Computer controlled, our chambers can run a myriad of temperature-humidity combinations. Duration at each combination can range from hours to days and is performed automatically as defined by your requirements.


Environmental Chambers:


Computer controlled, our Environmental Chambers can be programmed to simulate the dynamic climatic changes your package may undergo during distribution.Cryogenic temperatures down to -94°F and desert heat up to +160°F can be attained in our walk-in chamber. Relative humidity is controllable from 10% to 95%.


38-Inch Cube Chamber


Bench Top Chamber


Disclaimer: Performance Testing Laboratories, LLC (PTL) is a third-party independent package testing laboratory. Customers are advised that the packaged-product undergoing performance testing may incur external and/or internal damage as a result of the test process. PTL is not liable for any damage to the product as a result of the said process.